Calcium Rich Tasty Kale Smoothie

An old favourite – thanks to Tara Postnikoff – HEALTHY EATING ACTIVE LIVING

Yes folks, your eyes are correct, a Kale Smoothie!  Now before you click on something else, consider this.

Many people have a hard time eating enough greens. Why not drink them once in awhile. Try this surprisingly great tasting calcium rich veggie smoothie. The citrus from the lemons and limes, helps to enhance the calcium absorption from the kale.


Wash all ingredients and combine in a blender and puree:

1.5 cups water

4-6 leaves of organic kale

4-6 leaves of organic romaine lettuce

1 handful of parsley

Juice from 2 lemons or limes

2 inches of peeled ginger root

1 pear

2 peaches, pitted