Angus Glen Half Marathon – by Larry Lewis

The Angus Glen Half Marathon

At the finish line of the 2015 Angus Glen Half Marathon and 10K I lingered for a while in the chute. I saw an athletic looking fellow that I sort of remembered and said ‘Nice conditions today eh?’ He responded somewhat incredulously, ‘It was pretty
windy!’ I asked if he had run here before and he replied that it was his first time. I smiled and moved on.

Everyone has a favourite race. It might be the hills or the lack there of, atmosphere, prestige, fans, whatever. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always had an affinity for this race. It’s not my fav, but it’s probably in the top 5. I’ll try to explain why.

It’s hard. It’s always got wind, the hills are challenging for a road racer, and due to the time of year, it’s almost always cold. Kind of sounds like the iconic ATB doesn’t it? I don’t gravitate to any of these features. I believe that what I love about this race is that it is a course that you can race regardless of your skill level. It’s not necessarily about how fast you are, but how resilient you are. For me, that makes it fun.

The course has 2 out and backs which allow you to see the racers in front and behind you twice during the race. That feeling of being ‘in touch’ with other competitors is rare for us road racers. It also gives you a good idea when to start your final kick. There are some ‘tester’ hills, a potentially sadistic 20th km which diverts onto the golf course where you must navigate sharp corners and short, steep hills and, of course, there is the ever present November gales.

As I’m writing this review I feel it’s sounding negative but the race is not. It’s not a pb course. If you get one you should be very proud. This is a race to feel good about yourself. As BRCers we are a special group. From our 1st timers to our speedsters we are a very strong group and this is a race that requires strength. If you want to just finish a ½ marathon you will like this race, but if you want to compete you will love this ½ marathon.

Race review

Excellent swag and shirts. It’s sponsored by Johnson & Johnson and they give high quality, large samples of their products. High quality shirts.
Angus Glen Golf Club is open to keep warm before and after the race. You can access showers and change room plus you can get lockers (for a charity donation)
Free massages available in the clubhouse
A box lunch for all racers. (real food – I had a turkey sandwich)
Nice medals
Very friendly
Lots of parking
Great price

Not many fans – due to the rural course. (the fans that are there are loud)
Haven’t got there water stations figured out. (at one station they had water on one side of the road there was Gatorade and the other had water making the lead groups cross oncoming slower racer traffic to get Gatorade or stay on their own side for water)
Some marshals aren’t loud or assertive enough (although this is a common complaint of mine because they are often inexperienced)

Overall I highly recommend this race. I met some great runners and had good chats with fellow BRCers Trevor and Jordan. There are many, many repeat racers at this event.

Oh, and I won an impressive watch!