There are no fees to join the Beaches Runners Club. There are however, some obligations.

  • It is expected, from all of our members to get out there and volunteer for at bare minimum, 1 race in the city. More is better as it is volunteers that make these events happen. So we ask that our members give back.
  • It is encouraged, but not mandatory, to volunteer OR run in our annual Tannenbaum 10k Race – first week of December each year. Visit for more info
  • It is encouraged but not mandatory that all members purchase, and wear some club apparel. These should be at least worn around pre and post runs at races or group runs. This helps with our club exposure. You must have a shirt to wear for any Team-based Running Races/Events. Check with one of the members below for more information on how to get some apparel.
  • It is encouraged that you attend our club socials, if not all (5 or 6) each year, at least the occasional one.
  • It is mandatory for you to run even if it’s once a week! We’ll be watching you.

On that note, we encourage you to join us for our group runs (most Saturdays) and our melding with the Beaches Running Room on Wednesdays at 6;30pm and Sundays at 8:30am). We also have occasional ‘field trips’ to places like the Leslie Spit for our Lighthouse Runs, or a local coffee house run.

Once you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll be up to speed on our weekly events and gatherings.

Click here to visit our Sign Up page to become a BRC Member!