Erie Marathon at Presque Isle – by Christine Macleod

This is a report from Christine that I missed and was meant to be posted before we all ran Chicago, None the less, it’s a worthy read!

2015 Erie Marathon at Presque Isle

Writing my race report will distract me from thinking about running Chicago in 2 days!

My sister suggested Erie, PA for Mark to get his BQ. I figured I would be going with him so I might as well run also. After all we didn’t know we’d be going to Chicago 4 wks later!.

Leading up to race day we rode the forecast roller coaster, which changed hourly, from pouring rain to full sunshine, yes I was checking that often!

Saturday arrived with brutal, sideways rain, cold and windy. A miserable although quick drive, hotel checkin, bib pickup, dinner, snacks and lunch packed for the kids/cheer team.

4am – dark and cold but clear skies and no call for rain until about noon – I should be done by then 😉

Excitement rises as we meet up with my sister and stand around huddled for warmth and swinging our legs this way and that.

Last minute I decide to hit the bathroom lines and think it’s too late. But it’s all good ’cause the race has been delayed to wait for runners still trying to get on the island! Yes it’s that small!

My sister wants to run together which is usually a joke because she takes off about 5mins in. But not this time. This is her 4th time on the course, she has a system and I just follow along doing whatever she does not even looking at my Garmin so as to not freak out at how fast she is pacing me. This turns out to be a mistake as I find out at 10k that I didn’t hit the start button. Oh well I get a signal and hit start at 10.4k which puts my math skills to good use for the rest of my run.

My sister runs with a metronome that she increases each mile and she counts 40 walking steps at each water station, and try’s to run the straight line and avoid all the curves in the road. She qualified for Boston here so I just follow along until about 15k and she doesn’t even notice I’m not with her anymore!

The weather couldn’t be better, cool with sunny breaks, only a little wind at certain spots.

christine-erie-marathonThe course is 2 loops around beautiful presque isle park passing beaches and trails on both sides. This is great for spectators because they can stay in one spot and see their runners several times. I see my kids and brother in law for moral support and to pick and drop off stuff. I think this really helped keep my spirits lifted and motivate me each time.

I get spurts of energy and run fast but walk when I need to. I try to continue the 40 step walk breaks but I take them more often and start to loose count! I have nagging injuries that took me out in Ottawa, but more manageable this time around.

I feel good and pleased at all the splits. At about 3 miles from the finish a tall, dark, handsome man holds out water, I slowly lift my arm, and quietly say thank you and then he looks intensely into my eyes and very close to my face he says, “Lifesaver?” Offering me a small white minty candy! Time stood still I’m quite sure and I finally said, “Yes, thank you” And then he was gone or I guess I was.

I held that candy wondering how to split it for my 2 girls and then thought, “screw it!” And popped that baby in my mouth. I took my time savouring the sweetness and then I flew home with some of my fastest pace of the whole run and finished with 4:30, 15mins faster than my first marathon in 2008, very happy 🙂 to top it off another nice man wrapped and tied the blanket around my shoulders and then gave me a big hug!

Erie Marathon at Presque isle – small, pretty and personal!

Chicago will be a culture shock for sure but you can bet I’ve packed lifesavers to get me home.