Endurance Tap – Gel Reviews

As a quick note, these gels are simple. 3 ingredients, Maple Syrup, Sea Salt, Ginger.

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(Review by BRC member Larry Lewis)

I had the chance to use the 2 gels you gave me during a 25km run on a warm sunny day. Here are my thoughts:


Tastes good/minimal after taste – I usually use tangy gels. When I first tasted my reaction was ‘oh no, sweet!’ but it went down easy with little after taste. My stomach reacted very well to the gel.

Very Smooth – It wasn’t over thick which made it go down easy and I emptied the pouch easily. I’ll be interested to try it in the winter when it’s cold out to see if it thickens.

Easy to open – I like the cap. Easy to open, even with slippery wet hands!

It did the job – I believe it gave me a lift, although I’d need to use it in race conditions to get a good feel for the lift.


Packaging is wrong shape for my shorts pockets. More elongated, barrel shaped would work better for me.

A little sweet/syrupy for my taste but it didn’t linger so this isn’t a problem for me.


I like it and will try it again. I used it when my stomach was a little upset and the gel worked well and seemed to act fast.


My Review (Dave)

I have now tried the Endurance Energy gel on several occasions. 2 short training runs, 1 packets each, 2 long training runs with 2 packets, and 1 race (Niagara Marathon) 3 packets.

My testing stands inconclusive but positive. This is the only gel that deefinitely does not give mne amy stomach issues. Unfortuantely, and coincidentally, each time I tested Endurance Gel, I was not having good enough runs to see if the energy itslef was boosted. The 2 short training runs we just that, too short to see if I got benefits, but they were good to test to see ig i liked the products taste and usability. More on that in a bit. The 2 longer training runs were the closest i can get to a full review. 2 gels, 2 longish runs where my pace was decent and the gels did not hinder me at all and possibly gave me the energy benefits to be expected, but still, a bit short to determine their valaue as a marathoner.

Finally, race Day Marathon. I got injured at 30k and just as I would be prime to test out the gels benefits over the long haul, I had to shut it down and can;t really say how they would have performed. I also ate too much breakfast this day so I was having a bit og stomach distress before the gels. This makes it hard to really give a full on honest pitch, but I can say, I like the taste, and I believe they wil be good over the longer runs and race. I will continue to try them out this summer as I train for Chicago Marathon.

My only real negative point to mention is the packaging is a bit cumbersome and according to Endurance tap, they are working on improved packaging.

If you wish to get some for yourself, they are available at Veloutique in the beaches (Queen St just west of Coxwell)

If you have a review of your own, please email ‘news at beachesrunners dot com’