Eating To Get Lean

This is a synopsis of a friend’s blog, which was actually a synopsis of another post. Internet re-hash if you will. But it is good so I am sharing, in a plageristic sort of way, but credit is due to Pricey Runs, and the original post on Precision Nutrition


As I love to point out to anyone that will listen, you will be lucky to spend more then 5% of your time in a week on actualy phycical workouts, wether that be in the gym or on the trails.  The real results and gains from exercise happen in the other 95% and it all begins in the kitchen. 

Krista Scott-Dixon researches and writes for the Precesion Nutrition team and her post on their site today is a must read.  Her summary below ties together the key points nicely for both those looking to drop a few pounds and for those who want to go large.

Eating to get lean

  • Notice the reasons that you might over-eat, especially your emotional connection to food.
  • Notice the habits and routines that you have around food, such as:
    • eating with distractions
    • eating too quickly
    • eating irregularly
    • eating on-the-go with poor food choices
  • Notice how you respond to social cues and food situations. You don’t have to eat just because food is there, or because someone suggests it.
  • Plan meals and food choices, and establish proper portion sizes in advance. Don’t rely on “eyeballing” things or trying to eat right with no prep.
  • Don’t overly restrict or focus on depriving yourself. You’re more likely to eventually over-eat to compensate.
  • Choose foods that are less calorie-dense(i.e. lower in calories but higher in volume), such as vegetables. And unless it’s a pre-planned, appropriately sized Supershake, don’t drink your calories.
  • Don’t kid yourself about what’s “healthy”. And realize that you can still over-eat “healthy” foods.
  • Be mindful and aware throughout eating.




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