Chilly Half & Around The Bay 2015 – Mitchell Kosny

We Made it! ~ Mitchell Kosny

It really did feel like a long, cold, lonely Winter. Finally, here comes the sun! That’s what the Chilly Frosty Half and Around the Bay represent to me. It’s like the start of a new Term…the first two races of the Season…and a time to look ahead. If you trained outside all Winter as I did through the ice…cold…snow…and then more ice…cold…snow…we did more than survive: we ran the Winter of 2014-15!!

The Chilly Frosty was sunny and cold. It always is! Around the Bay was warmer…not a cloud in the sky…and as everyone knows by now…the hill (who missed it??) was gone. They were both great races for me. I’ve never, ever run better and I was able to ‘place’ in each race.

My comments in this race review are, however, not so much about the races…but about what I learned during the last eight months that are making me a better runner every single outing. There are no new revelations that you haven’t read before, but I think that you have to ‘live and experience them’ yourself before you really appreciate their impact. I suspect that every one of my colleagues will nod with an “I knew that” when they read the following thoughts.

First…there is no substitute for hard, consistent work. I ran five days/week…and pushed hard every single run. I learned what my body can do…got more comfortable with myself than ever before…and really followed a regimented pattern of training, resting, and eating more sensibly.

Second…running friends matter. I run with the Beaches Running Room and it’s fabulous. But, for the first time starting last Fall, I joined BRC and really cranked it up by running hills at Yonge-York Mills on many Saturday mornings. Nothing was better. I consistently ran with people who were faster and more experienced than me…and it made me more competitive…offered a whole new level of camaraderie that I just hadn’t experienced before…and was just way more fun!

Third…I listened and learned. I found myself always listening to more seasoned runners…asking questions…watching them run…engaging them in conversation. I guess that’s essentially peer mentoring. That willingness to share was so genuine. I felt like a sponge absorbing everything around me…and just tucking it away.

Fourth…I enjoyed every single minute of it. Yes…even the ice and freezing rain along Unwin Avenue one insane Sunday morning when we all turned into ‘ice zombies’! I’m happy when I’m out there…and it’s something that I look forward to every run.

How does all of this come together at Chilly and ATB? Very simply: it is about cause and effect and when you start to see outcomes that are a direct result of your efforts…well…nothin’ is better or more rewarding than that!

Bring on Goodlife…and Ottawa…and ScotiaBank…! It’s gonna be a great year for running and I can hardly wait for the next one!!

Mitchell Kosny



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  • daveemilio

    Wicked awesome results Mitch and great report. Keep it up – we’ll be cheering you on at Goodlife!

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