BRC Easter Day 5k photos (and results)

Congratulations to our winners and all of our runners! We raised over $4,000 this year for the Beaches Lions Club, thanks to all of our sponsors, volunteers and participants!


Results for the 5k and Bunnyhop can be found here:

BRC Easter Day 5k & 1k 2018

Here are the race day photos, free for you to download in high res!

1k Bunny Hop – credit Mark Kerr
5k race – start  –
5k race – at the 1.5k mark – credit Mark Kremblewski
5k race  – at the 3.5k mark – credit Mark Kremblewski
5k race – near finish – credit Alan Fujino
5k race –  finish line photos – credit Mark Kerr
Party site & Candid shots – Credit Mark Kerr & Alan Fujino
Directors Pics – Credit Dave Emilio