Boston Marathon – My First – Rachael Mirvish

When I first signed up to run the Boston marathon I was a new and naive runner (I still am). I did not fully realize the significance of running the Boston marathon. But now I know. It is the Tour de France of running. Going into Boston (just like Chicago) I was fortunate to have Stan from Adaptive Running Academy coach me though I fully admit I sometimes traded workouts for trail runs or powder days. However I felt strong and ready for race day.

Race morning came and I woke up early waiting for my breakfast which I had pre-ordered from hotel room service the night before (2 boiled eggs and 2 potatoes). Unfortunately it didn’t show up and after further inve

stigation, turns out it was on a sticky note next to the computer and never entered into the order system.  With no time left, I took a deep breath and ordered a bagel and peanut butter in the hotel lobby, and off we went to the shuttle buses.  When we arrived at the athlete’s village I had a brief moment of fear as I heard the helicopters above and saw the police and bomb sniffing dogs patrolling the area.  I took another deep breath, had a cup of coffee and relaxed with some fellow BRC members.  By 7:30 am, it was already getting pretty hot out and I was shedding my warm up layers. I even had a chance to do a porta potty line up picture with Mark. It was great to have BRC friends to hang with before the start.

Within the first 5 k, I knew I would not hit my goal time. It was hot, it was windy, and it was crowded.  I made the quick decision to have fun and just enjoy the full Boston experience- though I didn’t want to be out there for 5 hours either.  Over the course of 26.2 miles I stopped for a picture with the famous “Danny”, ran with a woman who actually lives in Hopkinton, a guy from Victoria who was running his 18th Boston in a row, ate a few freezies instead of gels, got a sore hand from so many high-fives, and tired cheeks from smiling and laughing so much.  The highlight though was running with Arnulfo, the Tarahumara runner from Born To Run (he didn’t know I was running with him, and I didn’t know it was him until after, but I watched him for a few minutes because he was just a smooth and beautiful runner). My only disappointment was not seeing my family on the course – somehow we managed to miss each other.

I have now completed 3 marathons since May 2015. My first one, and BQ race, I struggled and cried, and walked. My second (Chicago) I went out way too hard, had to walk but still managed a good race.  Boston – I finished in 3:27:10 barely looked at my watch (only to see if I needed to eat), never walked and crossed the line feeling like I could keep going.  So I may not have reached my time goal or hit a new PR but I ran my strongest and best marathon yet.

Thanks to Julie Meltzer for the photo!