by request, here is a list of the BRC members running Chicago. Feel free to follow along on I am not sure what the url to follow runners will be, but I will add it here should it come up. […]

Chicago Marathon Runners

10-1-2015 9-20-58 AM
This race was not on my radar, but a friend said she was going so I figured I would join her as a way to get in a challenging long run. The half marathon is very small with only 586 […]

Oakville Half Marathon Report – Julie Meltzer

When: Thursday September 3rd It’s been far too long since we met up for a good ol’ Lighthouse Run at the Spit. So…we’re doing it again. With Saucony. Come run with Saucony rep, Ben Thompson, and test out a pair […]

Lighthouse Run – with Saucony!

As a quick note, these gels are simple. 3 ingredients, Maple Syrup, Sea Salt, Ginger. For more info, visit their web site: (Review by BRC member Larry Lewis) I had the chance to use the 2 gels you gave me during […]

Endurance Tap – Gel Reviews

Eye of the Tiger
This is a work in progress. It’s based on what I have learned (and not always practiced) over the years of being a runner. It is the plan partially responsible from getting myself from 245 lbs to 185 back in […]

Eye Of The Tiger Nutrition Plan

banana bread oatmeal
Submitted by BRC member Carolyn Frail I love oatmeal, but man, does it become a little boring day after day after day. My latest addiction is Banana Bread Oatmeal, and OMG it is delicious. Thank you Quaker Oats for making […]

Banana Bread Oatmeal

Grandmas marathon
Lovely Scenery at Grandma’s – photo credit – GRANDMA’S MARATHON RACE REVIEW Mitchell Kosny I think Grandma’s Marathon should be (with apologies to Bob Dylan) renamed “Highway 61 Re-visited”. It’s actually not a new race, and I was surprised […]

Mitch went to Grandma’s

I have a love-hate relationship with the Ottawa Marathon. 2015 was the 4th time I’ve run it, and 2 of the 3 previous times, things went badly. In 2010, I came up just shy of the dreaded 6 hour marathon, […]

Race Report – Ottawa Marathon 2015